Gumless Zig Zags Ungummed 1940's Rolling Papers

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Extremely scarce, WOW are these Phebus Zig-Zags a collector's item. By the onset of World War ll Zig-Zag rolling papers had been produced in France for many years. France was overtaken and occupied by Germany early in the war, so Zig-Zag papers could no longer be produced in that country. Because of their world wide popularity, the company began producing these famous rolling papers in the United States, far from the war front of Europe. Made with the help of Egyptian cotton, these are extremely natural, smooth, almost ashless, and naturally white. The booklet is in a double row format with 100 rolling papers in each book. No gum, and only produced in the late years of World War ll. These were discovered in a Texas warehouse basement and we have been able to acquire just recently the entire remaining lot so get them while you can. These are gumless, ungummed zig zag rolling papers original vintage made in the early 1940's in the United States. Before this batch was discovered, these were nearly impossible to find. Only here and there at an antique dealer would you find one, and the price was usually near $30 for even one booklet. At $20.00 this is a chance for a rare, valuable, and no doubt a purchase that will appreciate in value.