Rolling Papers Zig Zag 1 1/4 Orange Slow Burning Box of 24 Booklets

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The 1 1/4 ZigZag is a slow burning 78mm that some of us still call the 224 (as this is the number on the booklet) or just the orange ZZ. Introduced to give a bit more rolling width and longer finished smoke, they became popular with the "in crowd" of the 1970s. Now you can purchase this fresh, unopened box of 24 booklets for wholesale price! Now for a incentive to buy more than one box of these great rolling papers: Buy multiple boxes and you will get a discount from $2.00 to $6.00 off EACH box's price depending on how many of them you buy. The more you buy the less you pay. Just select the number of boxes you would like to buy, click submit and see your per box discount! Doesnt get any more original than this! Happy Rollings!