Abadie Paris Singlewide Box of 24 Booklets Rolling Papers

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Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Was that the fate of us who had used Abadie to RYO for years? You can imagine the panic when Abadie rolling paper converts were told NO MORE! When these are gone they are gone forever! Not so---see our narrative below to understand that the Abadie papers are here to stay just as wonderful as they always have been. These are smooth burning, high quality rolling papers that were associated with their factory in France. Because of French anti-tobacco legislation, they are no longer produced in that country. However, Republic Tobacco does still produce and market Abadie papers just the same as they always have been. These are the 70mm single wides with 32 leaves per booklet. 70mm(regular length when finished rolling) X 25mm for those of us who don't like all that extra paper to burn. You are buying a full box of 24 booklets, that is over 700 burns of your favorite legal tobacco or herbals. Abadie is a fantastic brand and it's a good deal. This is becoming an extremely scarce rolling paper and in limited in it's distribution. Truely quite a classic!