Rolling Papers from - Contact US - Customer Service We are sellers and buyers of rolling paper products, the following information is primarily for submission of product samples. Retail and Wholesale customers may manually submit orders to the address below, be sure to include a money order, personal check, instructions to take a credit card by phone, or cash and the complete details of the order. This "manual ordering process" is reserved for customers who do not have the use of a credit card or the internet. More details below. email:
3130 N. Division St.
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Returns Policy: Returns must be unused and with their original packaging. The purchaser or entity making the return is responsible for shipping and handling costs. To avoid fraud, refunds will be in the form of a credit. Shortages Policy: Due to our policy regarding shortage claims, orders are filled on a packaging room digital video. Video evidence of proper items being packaged into a shipment shall serve as confirmation of fulfillment of orders. If, for example, you claim a shortage and we review that the item stated in your claim can visibly be seen packaged into your shipment on video playback, the option for shortage claim is for YOU to complete the Postal Service or UPS Insurance Claim paperwork for the shortage and submit this paperwork based on the insurance purchased for your delivery through the United States Postal Service or UPS. Note that insurance coverage is not available to all countries. For example, India does not have insurance available. Packages damaged, torn, open, or crushed are the responsibility of the United States Postal Service or UPS for claims, and shall not be directed to us unless all attempts at insurance claims through the services are denied in writing, in which case we will review your claim. Claims must be in writing and must have followed our policy stated here. Photographs of damages to the package can be helpful in circumstance of an insurance claim. Signature Confirmation of package reception shall serve the same as a signature to the credit card receipt as well as typing your name into the delivery address. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a typed name is equivalent to a hand written signature. Insurance Tracking information when available and the actual USPS tracking information are not live over the Internet until post of the arrival of the package at it's destination. Although most packages arrive to their destinations within only days, please allow a minimum of 8 business days domestic, and 14 days Internationally to transpire before inquiring for tracking information. At that time any tracking information will be made available to you. We accept Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It is important for credit card processing that your billing address match the address of the bill to your credit card.

We distribute, wholesale, and retail our giant selection of brand new rolling papers. We also are a World Class rolling papers buyer. If you have cases of rolling papers, display boxes or sealed boxes of rolling papers, vintage, new, sample, unknown, or surplus rolling papers, then we would like pricing and product information from you. You can expect a quick decision from our expert buyer. If you are the representative of brands of rolling papers, your best distributor pricing is welcome. Manufacturers are encouraged to contact us directly, we have multiple case purchasing power backed by an in-house UPS account and the ability to pay by wire transfer. If you are the representative of a manufacturer, we would like your best bulk pricing, samples of every size and type of paper, and the details of your printing capabilities. Hemp rolling papers should be backed up with fiber analysis confirmation proving their authenticity as hemp rolling papers. If you would like to return an item, please first contact us at 509-474-1694 and if we approve your item(s) for return, a 10% restocking fee will be applicable and can either be used as a credit or with our authorization a refund. now and into the future is your source for all things "Rolling Papers"

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